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Only one airport of all existing local airports operates in Omsk region – the airport "Tara", which is a structural division of JSC "Omsk Airport".

The airport in the town of Tara in Omsk region began operating in the early 1930s.

In 1932 the first local air-route Omsk-Bolsherechye-Tara was opened.

According to the recollections of veterans, the first airport terminal was built in 1936-1937.

After the war the airport served PO- 2 and LI-2.

They operated flights to Omsk, Tevriz, Bolshye Uki, later – to Vasyugan.

The modern airport terminal in Tara was built in 1963.

The airport in Tara had always been a hub in the north of Omsk region.

In autumn 2000, active development of the West Krapivinskoye oil field began in the north of Omsk region

In 2001 the gross weight of the serviced aircrafts increased by 3.5 times in comparison with the data of 2000, the number of serviced passengers at the airport terminal - by 2.5 times. The amount of cargo handled expanded significantly.

In the following years there was a gradual increase in the volume of carriage of shift workers and cargo: Ust - Tegusskoye oil field in Tyumen region was opened.

In 2003 a major overhaul of the terminal and heat networks in Tara was carried out at the expense of JSC "Omsk Airport" own funds

In connection with the new requirements of aviation security a special automobile on the basis of ZIL-131 intended for carrying out rescue operations was delivered to Tara airport in 2006. Fire and Rescue professionals were recruited.

There was a steady increase of air carriage volumes at Tara airport. In 2006, Tara airport served 14,756 shift workers, which is 24 percent more than in 2005.

The airport is equipped with 13 landing places.

In 2007 fencing was put around the airport in accordance with the "Federal Aviation Regulations", the security check is equipped with:

  • an introscope,
  • a stationary metal detector "MIS-1"
  • a detector determining vapor explosives.

In addition, the reconstruction of the guardroom was carried out, there is an also arms room.

There are the following structural divisions at Tara airport by analogy with Omsk airport:

  • The service of transportation organization;
  • aviation Security Service, including inspection and watchman service;
  • fuel and lubricants service and airfield technical support;
  • fire and rescue crews;
  • Information group.

Service Specialists are trained at the expense of the enterprise.

The airport in the northern town has become one of the most stable and developing companies of Tara region. The top officials of the region and the Management of major oil companies arrive to Tara airport; shift workers are carried from to oil development from this airport, as well as a large number of cargo is forwarded from here – the equipment connected with oil exploration and extraction and products. Most closely the airport is cooperating with the companies "Weltall Group", "Altai Airlines" and "Airline "UTair".

The development of "Tara" Airport is an example of mutually beneficial cooperation of the airlines, airports and oil workers. Active work on the oil fields generates revenue to Omsk airport. Oil companies are able to deliver equipment from Tara that is as close as possible to the oil fields. It contributes to the creation of new jobs in the north of the region.

In 2009 more than 13,400 shift workers were carried from Tara airport that is 80.7% compared to the last year. Tara Airport processed over 2,100 tons of cargo (71%). The airport serviced 1260 aircrafts (72%). In 2010 more than 15,500 shift workers were carried to the oil development from this airport, which is 115.7% compared to the last year, it processed 1259 tons of cargo (59.9%) and serviced 1374 aircrafts (109%).

In December 2010 a certificate of compliance with the prescribed regulations was issued to the Joint Stock Company "Omsk Airport" (airport "Tara") by the West-Siberian Interregional Territorial Department of Air Transport of the Federal Air Transport Agency, the certificate was valid before December 22, 2013.

From September 1, 2012 the Airport "Tara" was renamed as a landing place "Tara".