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In order to secure the safety of flights, to protect the environment and respect the interests of the passengers of the air transport and in accordance with the requirements of OST 54-1-283.02-94 standard, the airport provides the following services:

Compulsory services

Free of charge services:

  • the aircraft timetable  made in the form of an electronic  scoreboard;
  • the information about the location of technological service zones and consumer service areas;
  • visual and sound information about the flight;
  • visual and sound information about technological service of passengers;
  • visual and sound information about the rules of conduct on air transport; 
  •  information about services provided for passengers by airlines;
  • weight-in of baggage and cabin luggage; 
  • free access to the departure (arrival) lounges;  
  • free delivery of passengers to the aircraft by the apron buses;
  • free delivery, loading and unloading of the baggage accepted for transportation;
  • free provision of the information about aircraft timetable;
  • boarding of passengers with reduced mobility, passengers with preschool children and unattended children on  priority;
  • medical services at the airport;
  • services of air transport police;
  • provision of aviation security services for the passengers;
  • provision of migration cards to the arrived passengers at the checkpoint.

Paid services:

  • baggage packing;
  • temporary storage of passengers’ things (which is provided at the airport baggage storage for 24 hours);
  • catering of passengers is provided at coffee shops and cafes;
  • currency exchange;
  • ATM network;
  • periodicals trade;
  • accommodation of passengers at the city hotels;
  • VIP-lounges services;  
  • Mother and child room;  


Additional paid services:

  • personal advertisements on the speakerphone at the airport terminal;   
  • baggage and cabin luggage packing;
  • products and consumer goods trade;
  • organization of the meeting place for participants of conferences;
  • tickets trade for other types of transport (railway transport).

Payment is charged according to the calculations approved by the Director General  of JSC ‘’Omsk Airport’’.