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Car Parking

Two types of car parking are presented in Omsk airport. There is a paid parking opposite the Terminals “A” and “B”, free of charge parking is available near the Terminal “A” behind the bus stop. Paid parking is intended for 220 parking lots, it operates on the basis of an automatic parking system. Free of charge parking is intended for 129 parking lots.

Paid parking on the Terminal square

There is a parking complex for 220 parking lots on the Terminal square in front of the Terminal “B”.

The Price list for the parking lot provision services on a paid car parking (CP) of JSC “Omsk Airport" after 15 minutes of staying on the territory of paid CP of "Omsk Airport".
(valid from 01.12.2014)


Name of CP Services


Price, including VAT

Free of charge parking period

1 car/15 minutes


Short-term parking

(every 30 min. of transport staying in the parking lot during the first day, without issuing  the transport adoption receipt, but no more than 600 rubles)

1 car/

30 minutes

50 rubles

Temporary parking

(for more than 24 hours, if the parking period is not determined in advance, starting from the second day, without issuing  the transport adoption receipt)

1 car/

24 hour

300 rubles

A long-term parking

(for more than 24 hours, starting from the first day, provided that the parking lot is determined in advance by issuing the transport adoption receipt)

1 car/ the first and second day


Starting from the third day


250 rubles



200 rubles

The cost of the token / card in case of loss / damage is refundable

1 card/ token

300 rubles


Payment is made in the automatic parking terminals!

* Those who wish to take advantage of long-term parking, should come to the parking service center to notify the attendant and draw up the documents.


  • Transport entrance to the parking is carried out as follows: the driver at the entrance stand has to press a button and get a token. The signal for permitting the entry is a green traffic light and the opening of the barrier. When the transport leaves the parking it is necessary to drop the token in the exit stand and wait for the opening of the barrier. There is an opportunity to use the subscriber cards in a paid car parking. You can get the information about the parking rules at the service center, at each entry and exit stand or from the person on duty at the parking.
  • Please note that the right to use the car parking free of charge have those who are recognized disabled in accordance with the law and having the appropriate reference or a certificate indicating the disability group and having a special transport, indicated in GOST R51079-2006. In order to take advantage of paid parking for a short-term parking for the disabled people, you need to show documents confirming disability at the entrance to the car parking attendant or the parking service center.

Free of charge parking

A free of charge parking intended for 129 cars which is in the area of the Terminal «A» is provided in addition to the paid parking.