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Rules of unchecked baggage carriage (cabin luggage)

The things accepted as cabin luggage are the things the weight and dimensions of which are set by the carrier and allow to safely place them in the cabin.

A tag without a number is attached to the things of the passenger carried in the aircraft cabin (cabin luggage) except the items listed in paragraph No. 135 of these Rules.

The passenger is obliged to care of the safety of cabin luggage and the things carried in the aircraft cabin.

At the exit the passenger is obliged not to leave cabin luggage and the things in excess of the free baggage allowance:

  • handbag or a briefcase,
  • paper folder
  • umbrella,
  • cane,
  • bouquet of flowers,
  • overcoat,
  • print media for reading during the flight,
  • baby food for the child during the flight,
  • mobile phone,
  • camera,
  • video camera,
  • lap top computer,
  • suit in a suit carrier,
  • carrycot for baby carriage,
  • crutches, stretcher or a wheelchair for passengers with reduced mobility.

These things are not presented for weighing, not subject to registration and not marked with tags.

Rules of checked baggage carriage

Free baggage allowance, including cabin luggage, is set by the airline-carrier depending on the aircraft type, booking class and the route.

The passenger is obliged to present for weighing all the baggage intended for carriage except for the items listed in paragraph No. 135 of these Rules.

When checking the baggage a passenger is given a part of a numbered baggage tag (claim ticket), and the other part is attached to each piece of baggage taken by the carrier. The carrier is liable for the safety of these things from the moment of the baggage check-in, until it is given back to the passenger.

A numbered tag is used for the identification of each piece of the checked baggage.

To indicate the special conditions of carriage in the checked baggage a special baggage tag (with the notation)is additionally attached.

The baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance or any other luggage payable will be charged at the rate set by the carrier. Payment for the carriage of such baggage is confirmed by a receipt for payment of the excess baggage or by Miscellaneous Charges Order (MCO).

Excess baggage, oversized baggage and bulky baggage can be accepted for carriage only if the aircraft is free of capacity and subject to payment by the passenger, except for the cases where the carriage of such baggage had been agreed with the carrier and paid when booked.

Each piece of checked baggage must have proper packaging to ensure its safety during transportation and handling, eliminating the possibility of causing harm to passengers, crew members, third parties, damage to the aircraft, baggage of other passengers or other property.

Passengers are advised not to put into their checked baggage any fragile or perishable items, money, jewelry, precious metals, securities and other valuables, business documents, keys and other similar items.

The weight of one piece of checked baggage must not exceed fifty kilograms.

Carriage of oversized baggage, bulky baggage, pets and birds, with the exception of guide dogs, following the passenger deprived of vision, are to be paid at the rates set by the carrier.

Carriage of such baggage is paid on the basis of its actual weight on the established carrier rates independently of other things of the passenger carried as baggage.

It is not allowed to transport the baggage, the weight, capacity, size, packaging or content of which does not meet the requirements of the Russian Federation's international agreements, these Rules and other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, the legislation of the country to, from or through the territory of which the baggage transportation is carried out.