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Dear freighters!

JSC “Omsk Airport” organizes and sales freight services. Cargo from the citizens and organizations are accepted.
For commercial transportation a warehouse of "JSC Omsk Airport" is equipped with the necessary weight and manufacturing equipment, as well as facilities for temporary cargo storage:

  • warm storage warehouse;
  • cold storage warehouse;
  • open trestles for heavy and long cargo;
  • temporary storage for cargo under the customs control.

Cargo forwarding 

For cargo forwarding you need to:

  • arrive to a commercial warehouse of JSC "Omsk Airport" with the cargo prepared for forwarding;
  • fill in the forwarder's application form;
  • issue one-time pass;
  • deliver the cargo to the warehouse;
  • pay the freight, fees and services. Payment is charged according to the calculations approved by the Director General of JSC "Omsk Airport".

Packaging requirements:

  • packaging must ensure the safety of cargo during storage and freight;
  • packaging of cargo must ensure its secure mounting on the aircraft board;
  • Each cargo item must be marked with the transport marking.

You should have an identification document, as well as a Taxpayer Identification Number (INN) for the individuals and company details for legal entities.
Cargo reception is produced daily from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. without days off and holidays, lunch from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. 
It is recommended to consult in advance with the experts of commercial warehouse of JSC "Omsk Airport" before cargo forwarding.
Contact information:
Cargo forwarding: +7 (3812) 517-409
Cargo tariffs: +7  (3812) 517-009
Postal Code 644103, 9, Transsibirskaya Str., Omsk, Russia

Cargo receipt

Upon your cargo delivery, a manager informs you on the telephone specified in the air waybill.
For cargo receipt you need to:

  • arrive to a commercial warehouse of JSC "Omsk Airport";
  • get the air waybill on the cargo delivered;
  • issue one-time pass;
  • receipt the cargo from the warehouse.

For cargo receipt:

  • the individual for who the cargo was delivered, must provide an identity document. Another person can receipt the cargo on the notarized power of attorney from the cargo receiver and the identity document;
  • legal entities must present a power of attorney from the company and the identification document.

We advise you to clarify the information about the cargo delivery in advance.

Contact information:
Cargo receipt: +7 (3812) 517-475
Postal Code 644103, 9, Transsibirskaya Str., Omsk, Russia